Virtual Reallity

Interactive Cultural Immersion Experience Program

“A high-tech amazing race style game”Interactive Cultural Immersion Experience Program

Equipped with a tablet pc, teams have to plan their route choosing from 100 spot locations and team stations (hands on). Each spot and station will have local information and a task.

Using  all their team skills the teams need to make strategic decisions while keeping track of time, distances, rewards, location, budget.  Add negotiating, problem solving and decision making and you have a concept that will shape the teams effectiveness. All real time! With real time we mean that the teams can see the location and Interactive Cultural Immersion Experience Program score of themselves and other teams on an interactive map.

Other features are the distance to the next location / quest, support from the operator center direct on the tablet and automatic uploading of the pictures taken.

Rewarded with the German Tourist award in 2012 this program is a proven fun concept for advanced team building.

We will bring you closer to the local cultures, closer to the local people and their behaviors to let you experience the city and your own team.

Quiz DuelQuiz Duel

This indoor event is perfectly suitable for a short entertainment program during dinner or can be used as a loosening up during a meeting or seminar.

The quiz duel will take the heat off the participants and brings an informal motivation boost. Individual and meeting related tasks can be implemented in the quiz if required.

Divided in small teams, the participants will get riddles, tricky questions and task on their tablet pc. All participating teams are connected with each other.

When the team solves a quiz correctly they receive the allocated score. While keeping track of the other teams scoring teams need to decide what tasks to take.

This data exchange brings a lot of fun. Live scoring stops a little before the program ends so that a gripping showdown can be demonstrate.


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