Low carbon events

Six Indisputable Laws of Team WorkThe Law of significance

“Six simple, yet powerful messages every manager should keep in mind when building a successful team.”

What is the essence of a successful team? Is it vision, determination, skill, leadership or even chemistry? And how do the players fit in?

What if ego stand in its way? Should we focus on the team or on the dream? Six Indisputable laws of Team Work are based on the Wall Street bIndisputable Laws 900 pixelestselling novel “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Team Work” by John C.  Maxwell.

Activities include, art, painting, handicraft, relays and adventurous climbing to test your team performance and leadership skills. Each activity comes with a powerful message.

The six key messages:

  • Nothing of significance has ever been achieved by an individual alone.
  • Have the big picture in mind at all times.
  • Each player has a place where he adds the most value
  • The team is only as strong as the weakest link.
  • Your moral compass leads the way
  • As the challenge elevates the team work escalates.

Take your team to an unforgettable journey and experience first hand what it takes to follow the Six Indisputable Laws of Team Work. This work-shop perfectly combines fun, humor and serious management practice.


House of Fashion

“Team Building haute couture”   House of Fashion 900 pixels_1

How does it feel to be a star fashion designer? Have you ever dreamed of tailoring your own set of clothing? Imagine standing on a catwalk in the spotlight.

Take your team to a journey from sketch to design of haute couture all made from recycled material. Your team will go trough a mind-boggling adventure to create the most stylish outfit and to outperform competing teams. Judged by famous fashion designers, can your team stand the test of time? is it your team to stand on the catwalk last wearing the crown of “House of Fashion”?

Take part in one of Bangkok’s first low carbon team building events.


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