High energy

Bogor by bicycle Bogor by bicycle2

“My fruits are number one, in 1911 the trade begun. First planted in forty-eight, the impact to the world is great.”

This team building extravaganza takes you to Bogor Botanical garden, one of the world’s most stunning nature park located in the middle of Bogor city.

With over 13,000 different types of trees from various origins and the size of nearly one square kilometer, Bogor Botanical garden is the Bogor by bicycle1perfect venue for a challenging team building bicycle race.

Teams start at Grand Garden Café, a scenic restaurant with a spectacular view over the park.

Teams are handed out cryptic clues as well as a map of the park. Each clue is a part of the final riddle.

“Buckle up the helmet, mount on the mountain bike. Are you ready? The race begins!”

The team that finds all locations first and answers the riddles flawlessly is the winning team.

A drink station (with alcohol on request) is set up for teams to catch some refreshments along the route.

Returning at Grand Garden Café, teams return the bicycle and may enjoy the picturesque view while having a lunch or dinner. The venue is highly is recommended for a theme dinner with facilitated drum circle.

Amazing ChaseAmazing Chase

“The journey is the reward”

Imagine you set foot in unknown territory. You must navigate through a jungle of roads, avenues and squares to the cities most scenic places.

Using only public transportation and an instruction sheet, the race will take you to the hart of the local culture.Amazing Chase

Along your journey, you will interact with locals and overcome arduous challenges in a cultural context. Each accomplishment will be rewarded with a clue to the next location.

The first team to return to the starting point is the winner of the “Amazing Chase”.

This team building event is available in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.

Cultural Discoverycultural discovery 900 pixels_3

“Cultivate the art of discovering culture.”

In Cultural discovery, teams travel on public transportation to the city’s most scenic sights. Equipped with only a map and cryptic clues, delegates work out a route and plan their journey before leaving the meeting room.

Once set foot in unknown territory, it requires leadership, problem cultural discovery solving skills and excellent team work to navigate from one attraction to another, with always one goal in mind, to win the Cultural Discovery.

During the journey, teams are allowed to ask anybody for help, and only the  most charming and eloquent shall get a hint from the natives. Once all locations are discovered and the answers determined, teams must return to the starting point in time. It requires advance time management skills to complete the race within the deadline.

A surprise gift is handed out for the team to win the Cultural Discovery.

This team building activity is ideal for large groups and currently offered in Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Urban Survivor

“In this urban jungle, survival is of the essence.” Urban Survivor3

Do you like the idea of surviving on a secluded tropical island yet you won’t have the time to travel there? What would be the first thing you did? Build a shelter, make a fire or hunt for food?

This high adrenaline team building event takes place in in the heart of Bangkok, in one of the city’s most beautiful green spaces.

Create a unique tribal culture and learn clever survival techniques all from the safety of your self-built shelter.

Urban Survivor1But be careful! There are rival teams that may compete fore the same resources.

Same as in the infamous TV show, teams elect a leader for each activity. The leader of the winning team receives immunity while the losing teams must change their leader.

This often is accompanied by hefty debates, amusement and cheerful laughter.

Find strategies within your team to outwit, outplay and outsmart your competing tribes.

Action packAction pack 4

“Get out of your comfort zone!”

Taking teams into an environment that takes them out of their comfort zone will bring new light on the team roles and the dynamics within the team.

The half day option will have the group run a zip line challenge combined with an ATV challenge.

Teams have to master these outdoor skills, overcome personal fear Action pack 2while participating in team activities along the way.

For the full day option we add the raft challenge where teams have to build a raft to support the team and then navigate it through an ‘obstacle course’.

We finish with a paintball shootout to see what team are the real action heroes.

For more information about this high energy team building event, please contact Tab Tour Thailand.

 Ultimate SurvivorUltimate Survivor

“Outdoor adventure on a remote tropic island paradise”       

This is probably the world’s most adventurous and adrenaline-fuelled team building event. Teams are taken by speed-boat to a remote tropical island in the South of Thailand. Arriving on the deserted lagoon with powdery white sand, teams await a series of thrilling team building activities.

The first challenge is to build a shelter with  mostly natural resources to protect the protagonists from rain, wind and sun. The first activity Ultimate Survivorincludes lighting a fire, desalinate sea water and catching food for the day.

The turquoise sparkling ocean invites for a swim, yet the survivors will have to procrastinate this delightful pleasure until later.

Painting faces, flags and making the camp lively and organized is all part of creating a unique tribal identity.

At nighttime, cooking food around an open bonfire, walking over hot coal accompanied by an African-drumming session creates a unique bonding experience.

cultural discovery 900 pixels_1The next days, several high-thrill and competitive challenges await the survivors; raft building and racing, jungle treasure hunt and a series of water-based activities. Time for enjoyment, fun and laughter.

Each team elects a leader and teams discuss their strategy. The winning team receives a rewards to boost moral and motivation (a cool beer or a massage) while the losing team is required to change their leaders for the next activity.

The bonding experience during this team building adventure is extreme and long lasting. Teams who have gone through this challenge interact with each other on a truly different level.

This event is offered in a less adventurous manner by supplying army tents, mats, sleeping bags, plenty of food (and alcohol if requested) and toilets / showers.




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