Building Bridges

Trash Architect Trash architect

“Revolutionize living”

Have you ever thought about the amount of trash you produce every day? Do you know where they all end up to? Could natural resources not been used more efficiently?

Join us on a jaw-dropping journey from Bangkok’s dump sites to one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Design and build with a team of architects your dream house using recycled material.

This event is currently available in Bangkok only and requires a minimum of two month’s notice.

Ideal group size is 10 to 40 people.

Baan Kru Noi Project Baan Kru Noi Proejct

“Create a better future for the underprivileged”

Have you ever thought about how lucky you were to grow up in a stable environment, with an education and job-opportunities?

Do you feel empathy for the less fortunate? Would you consider passing on your skills, expertise and wisdom on to the next generation? TBaan Kru Noi Projectake this opportunity to renovate and refurbish Baan Kru Noi  Orphanage with a team of social workers.

Whether painting a wall, laying concrete, or re-stocking the library, Baan Kru Noi Project is eye-opening and fulfilling.

The highlight of the afternoon is auctioning off hand-made artifacts for the Baan Kru Noi foundation.

This team building activity is only available in Bangkok and ideal for a group size of 10 to 40 delegates.

For more information, please contact Making Teams.


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