Team Building activities

Relays, physical demanding

Water throwing relay

Water throwing relay is a fun and physical team building activity. The first team, who get the Ping-Pong ball out of their tube is the winning team.Water throwing relay is a physically demanding, yet amusing and lighthearted team building activity. This activity is ideally played on a flat and side stretch of beach.

Delegates are building a human assembly line with each person holding a bucket. On one end of the line, delegates run to the sea and carry water in the bucket, throwing the water to the next person in line.

This throwing and catching goes on until the last person in the line runs towards the tube and pours the water inside a large tube. The tube contains a ping pong ball and while the water level increases, the ping pong ball is floating upwards. the added-on challenge is that the tube is leaking water. It’s not until all team members work together to close the holes for the ping pong ball to overflow. The first team who gets their ball out of the tube is the winning team.

Recommended group size: 12 to 90 people

Length: 20 to 30 minutes

Trust enhancing activities

Trust fallA delegate from Emirates Airlines allows herself to fall back while being supported by her follow team mates. Trust fall was part of a larger team builidng activity at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Trust fall is a team building activity in which one person allows themselves to fall by relying on other team members to be caught. Teams are typically divided in groups of four people by one person standing in the front and three in the back all facing the same direction while the person in the front deliberately allowing themselves to fall backwards being supported by their fellow team members. Physical touch releases the chemical oxytocin in the human body which promotes ethnocentric behavior and leading to a higher degree of empathy and trust. Trust fall is recommended as a warm up, ice breaker activity.

Recommended group size: 8 to 100 participants

Length: 10 to 20 minutes

Role clarification and problem solving

Tower of Hanoi

A delegate from Open Mind carries blocks from one pile to another. This team builiding activity took place at Amari hotel Hua Hin in Thailand.

Tower of Hanoi is a clever team puzzle to promote role clarification and problem solving. Teams are given a unique problem to solve: To move a pyramid of blocks from one side of the playfield to another, by using three designated areas. Some important rules must be obeyed: Never to put a larger block on top of a smaller, never to move two blocks at the same time and always only lift the top block. Delegates are encouraged to assign roles, such as runners, problem solvers and communicators based on their skill sets. The strategy of each team is reviewed systematically in the debriefing.

Recommended group size: 8 to 80 participants

Length: 30 min to 1 hour

Support, Leadership, non-verbal communication and problem solving


Team Building Activity Minefield

Minefield is a non-verbal communication team building activity that encourages support, problem solving and leadership. Delegates must cross the maze from one side to another not knowing where the mines are. When stepping on a mine delegates must return to the start and it’s the next teams turn.

Minefield is best played with four teams, each approaching the maze from a different direction. If DISC psychometric test proceeds the activity, high D, high S and high C personalities come to play the most.

Recommended group size: 15 to 80 participants

Length: 30 minutes to one hour

Interpersonal-relationship management

I am I have I have been

Team Building Activity I am I have I have beenOn a piece of paper, delegates write down unique statements about themselves based on three questions, I am…. I have…. I have been. The facilitator then collects each piece of paper and reveals the answers in front of everybody. Teams can guess who they think the particular person would be resulting in a high energy and often hilariously funny quiz with a prize for the winning team.

Recommended group size: 20 to 100

Length: 30 to 40 minutes

Goal setting and problem solving

Balloon Balance

Team Building activity balloon balance

Balloon Balance is an amusing team building activity that encourages problem solving, goal setting and psychological closeness. The objective is to balance all members of the team on a set of balloon without touching the floor. In the debriefing, the focus lies on goal setting and silo politics.

As the picture shows, Balloon Balance is a haptic communication exercise and is highly physically intimate. It may cause discomfort for some delegates and therefore, is recommended for work environments that encourage close personal relationships. Woman are discouraged to wear skirts.

Recommended group size: 10 to 50

Length: 30 to 45 min

Moon Ball

Atlas Copco Delegate in action at playing Moon Ball Team Building Activity at Amari Hua Hin Moon ball is a fantastic ice-breaker team building activity encouraging planning, creativity and goal setting.

Delegates pass a ball around a circle. The objective is to keep the ball in the air the longest without touching the ground and without changing directions.

Moon ball is best played competitive in nature when teams are trying to topple each other. Benchmarks are set and team members burst out in cheers when objectives are reached.

Creative thinking at goal setting is reviewed in the debriefing.

Recommended group size: 10 –  80 participants

Length: 15 to 30 minutes

Jump rope

Team Building activity Jump Rope

This activity is to enhance goal setting and role clarification. Teams must allocate some team members (but not all of them) to jump in a group jump competition. The team who most consistently jumps with a given number of players is the winning team. This activity is slightly strenuous and recommended for the physically fit.

Recommended group size: 10 –  80 participants

Length: 15 to 30 minutes

Ice breaking

Human knots

Spectra delegates standing in a circle for human knots, an ice-breaker team building activity.This disentanglement puzzle is a great ice breaker or meeting energizer. A group of people, standing in a circle with their hands crossed, must hold hands with the person next to them. The objective of the activity is to untangle the knot in order to form a perfect circle with arms spread and facing inwards without letting go of grasped hands.

Recommended group size: 20 to 100

Length: 15 – 20 min.

Leadership & problem solving

Helium stick

Team Building activity helium stickStanding in two lines and opposite each other, teams work together to lower a stick onto the ground. The stick however, only wants to float upwards. It’s a challenge to achieve this objective without losing touch to the stick, which is the one and only rule of the game. After a series of failure, teams must come up with creative ways to solve this problem. Effective leadership is the key to success. This promotes leadership skills and problem solving.

Recommended group size: 12 to 100

Length: 15-30 min

Planning and Problem solving


Delegates from Atlas Copco in the garden of Aston Bogor hotel / Indonesia. Transporters is one activity part of the Six Indisputable Laws of team work seminar. Teams are requested to transport an object from one end to another using pipes as the only means of transportation. From the planning stage to achieving the final objective, this activity simulates business processes at its very best. This activity highlights why some teams fail and others succeed. Depending on the instructions, transporters can be competitive or played as a win-win team building activity.

Recommended group size: 20 to 100 participants

Length: 20-30 minutes

 Creativity, problem solving and inspiration

Canvas painting

Emirate Airlines at Lumpini Park in Bangkok in November 2014. Canvas painting was their main team buiding activity. Canvas painting is highly interactive team building activity to encourage team cohesion and creativity. Delegates first brainstorm, then sketch and finally draw their ideas around a pre-determined topic with acrylic paint on canvas.

Canvas painting fits into nearly any team building activity and is also part of the Six Indisputable Laws of team work seminar.

Recommended group size: 10 to 80 participants

Length: 45 min to 3 hours

Change management

Team Building activity change waveChange wave

Teams are standing on a sheet of plastic and given a scenario on which they must flip the sheet to the other side without stepping off the sheet. This activity is a tool visualize change management and to demonstrate that change can be achieved without leaving delegates behind (or laying them off).

Recommended group size: 10 to 80 participants

Length: 15 to 30 minutes

Cultural awareness

Som Tum making

Team building activity Som TCultural awareness team building activity Som Tum Makingum MakingTeams are instructed by a professional Som Tum Chef how to make Thai Papaya Salad, a North-Eeastern spicy Thai salad. Teams then memorize ingredients and are given a quiz. After completion of the quiz, teams can choose the ingredients and make their own version of this delicate meal. The objective of the activity is to give participants an insight of Thai culture, cuisine and its traditions. This activity is designed to enhance cultural understanding.

Recommended group size: 10 to 60 participants

Length: 30 to 45 minutes

Flower garland making

Cultural Awareness Team Building Activity Flower Garland MakingTeams are instructed by an experienced garland making practitioner how to make a traditional Thai neck garland from Orchids and Crown Flowers. Although the task is accomplished individually, team members are encouraged to support each other to create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. This activity is designed to encourage exchange between different cultures, languages and traditions.

Recommended group size: 10 to 60 participants

Length: 20 to 30 minutes


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