Thailand is South-East Asia’s most famous MICE and tourist destination. With favorable weather conditions, splendid beaches, modern tourist infrastructure and outstanding meeting and convention hotels, Thailand is one of the most popular destinations to hold your team building event.

What’s the best season for organizing a team building event in Thailand?

Thailand’s tropical weather is ideal for both indoor and outdoor team building events. The best time to visit Thailand is November to February when the weather is sunny with mild daytime temperature and sometimes cool nights.

This is the time to organize outdoor adventure team building like the Ultimate Survivor that may last up to one week.

Most parts of Thailand is influenced by the North West Monsoon which brings frequent showers from May to August and sometimes heavy rain in September and October.

The weather in some of the Southern destinations like Koh Samui is influenced by the South-East monsoon and rain starts in October and may last until end of December.

During the rainy seasons, outdoor team building is still possible but should be limited to half or full day events. We provide raincoats for such occasions.

Visiting Thailand with the intention to organize indoor team building events with a focus on organizational change, or low carbon events, is best in the rainy season, when rates are low and both flight and hotel capacity is plentiful.

Adventure Team Building

Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui are the perfect destinations for adventure team building. Pattaya and Phuket is famous for leadership training which includes sailing and rope courses while the Islands off Koh Samui (Koh Tan, Koh Madsun and Ang Tong National Park) are ideal for a Survivor challenge, camping and water based activities.

Organizational change

Team Building seminars, work-shops and think tanks are best held in Thailand’s capital Bangkok. Expert trainers, highly trained facilitators, qualified mentors and professional coaches are based in Bangkok.

Executive outings

Thailand’s exquisite hotels, picturesque resorts and outstanding boutique villas combined with high qualified personal coaches, make it a great destination for executive outings and team building events for top executive groups.

MICE and team building

Team Building is often combined with MICE, meeting, incentives, conference and exhibitions. While team building is playing a rather minor role in large conventions, it can be a valuable add-on. As an ice-breaker before or in between meetings, as a mediator during hard negotiations or simply as a motivational element for high performing executives. Team Building is also becoming more and more popular as a substitute to conventional sightseeing trips.

Meeting energizers

Team building as warm up activities, ice breakers or get to know each other games are a fun, motivational and highly efficient way to start your daily meeting. After a period of extensive debate, after exhausting meetings or simply after a heavy meal, team building activities can be great way of breaking up sessions, starting or wrapping up a meeting day.

Large groups

Bangkok, the primary destination for large team building groups can be reached by over 200 destinations around the world. It’s enormous MICE and convention capacity makes it a preferred destination for large meeting and convention groups. Team Building for groups consisting of five hundred to a thousand delegates can be organized in Bangkok Pattaya or Phuket.


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