Team Building with Institute of business and industrial development


The institute of Business and industrial development is a government agency in Thailand with the aim of increasing competitiveness and productivity for businesses in Thailand.

This two-day team building event is part of a larger conference held in Hua Hin on 15th and 16th May 2015. The conference starts with a gala dinner at Vana Nava with subsequent team building activities succeeded by a 1/2 day indoor team building seminar on 16th May 2015.


The team building event for institute of Business and industrial development consists of 70 participants. Forty-seven delegates are from the private industry, twenty-eight from government agencies and five from NGO’s. Most delegates are CEO’s CFO’s, board of directors or deputy ministers. The average age is 50 years with a minority over 70. The group consists of predominantly male delegates. Some are listed below:

  • The CEO of Thailand’s largest sugar company
  • The 3rd highest ranking executive of Toyota and Honda Thailand
  • The CEO of Thailand’s largest mining company
  • The CFO of PTT
  • The 2nd highest ranking executive of Siam Commercial Bank.
  • The CEO of Samitivet Hospital
  • The board of directors of Grammy
  • The CEO of Major Cineplex
  • The deputy director of the ministry of foreign affairs
  • The deputy director of the ministry of labor
  • Secretary general of the Board of Directors


  • Breaking the ice among high executive
  • Interpersonal-relationship management and building effective working relationships
  • Competitive and fun activities with a strong message to be conducted indoors
  • To encourage leadership, creative thinking, goal setting, problem solving and creativity.


The team building event is held at Vana Nava on 15th and Hyatt Regency in Hua Hin on 16th May 2015.

Program Option “The winning team”

Day 1 – 15th May 2015

20:25 – Introduce Making Teams facilitators
20:30 – Team Building exercise: I am I have I have been
21:30 – Announce program for the upcoming day

Day 2 – 16h May 2015

09:00 – Ice Breaker: Human knots
09:15 – Debriefing: Human knots
09:20 – Minefield
09:50 – Debriefing minefield & hand out gifts
10:05 – Problem solving: Tower of Hanoi  
10:35 – Debriefing Tower of Hanoi
10:45 – Coffee Break
11:00 – Canvas painting
11:45 – Presenting the canvas
12:00 – Photo shooting
12:15 – End of event


1,200 Baht / person x 70 = 84,000 Baht
* 7% VAT = 89,880 Baht
+ Two rooms accommodation at Grand Hyatt for one night = 10,000 Baht
= Grand total 99,880 Baht

Price includes:

  • Pre-event preparation, travel and equipment cost
  • Accommodation for Making Teams facilitators
  • Event facilitation
  • One English speaking western lead facilitator
  • One English / Thai speaking MC
  • One Thai speaking assistant facilitator
  • Gifts for the winning teams (Tower of Hanoi and Minefield)

Price Excludes:

  • Cost for meeting space rental
  • Welcome / farewell gifts for every delegate


The cohesive team program is designed for delegates with a high level of self esteem and with lose interpersonal relationships. Yet delegates know each other by name. Participants are not entirely comfortable to be in close physical contact and do not expect to be singled out. Time of behavioral analysis, reflection, debriefing, discussion and presentation is short (about 10 minutes per activity).There is a mix of competitive and win-win activities with the focus on win-win. One activity (Tower of Hanoi) is slightly physical.

Suggestions for Canvas Painting

Following topics can be expressed creatively on canvas by using acrylic paint:

  • Vision, mission, values
  • Creation of a logo or company slogan
  • SWOT analysis
  • The big five for life

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