Custom events

Customization is the key for a successful team building event or corporate training program. In order to customize an event, please provide us with the following information:

Participant’s demography and political correctness

Forget political correctness: Age, nationality, gender and socio economic background is important. A successful customized team building event depends largely on participant’s demography. Common sense predict that different activities are suitable for a different demography. A female only group in the late 50s has different needs to thirty-year-old high alpha male group. The program outline for a top executive group is unlikely to be the same as for a group of university graduates.

Think first of objectives, then of budget and last of destination

When organizing a team outing, corporate meeting or workshop it’s fun and alluring to think about ones destination. How exciting would it be to travel to a culturally significant city like Chiang Mai or Angkor Wat? Or would delegates much rather stay in a beach resort like Hua Hin or Phuket?  It’s more tempting to dream about a destination than to analyze ones objectives.

Yet, the outcome of a team building event is often compromised when destination comes before objectives. Think about what you would like to achieve first. Is it organizational change or simply a fun event to motivate your employees at the end of the year? Are there tensions within your team that need to be straightened out or do you simply need some ice breaker activities for a large conference? Once you have pinpointed your objectives, consider the length and budget to achieve the objective. Lastly, you may dream about the destination or even better, let the professional event organizer (like Making Teams) do that for you.

Razor sharp objectives

Objectives may be anything from blurry to razor sharp. “We would like to improve communication!” is a no-go as well as “We would like to improve team work!”  There is no team building event, no matter the length that does not improve communication or team work.

Here a short refresher you may have learned in business school: Objectives should be SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time-bond).

“At the end of the team building activity, we would like our delegates to know each other by their names and where they come from.” is a great objective and can probably be achieved in one hour.

“At the end of the team building work-shop, we would like to have a thorough understanding about our own and about our colleagues behavioral traits!” is a wonderful objective and is likely to be achieved in one to two days.

“At the end of the team building training course, we would like to have pinpointed bad behavioral habits, drawn up an action plan for organizational change and refined our core values, vision and objectives.” is one of my favorite objective and can be achieved in three to seven days.”

Size matters

I am often asked what the perfect size of a team building event is. Unfortunately, there is no set answer to this. Generally speaking, the more serious the objective is, the smaller the group size should be. Organizational change seminars are best between 10 and 30 participants and so are Five Dysfunctions seminars. Motivational seminar or orchestral team building events are better with a larger group size. Having 10 people or 500 people drumming is quite a difference, the atmosphere with large groups change enormously.

We may handle and group size between 10 and 1,000 delegates and depending on destination, time frame and chosen activity we will deliver a successful team building event for nearly any group size.

Three days or ten minutes makes a difference

Depending on your objectives, we will customize a team building activity for you. For building a cohesive team and for achieving serious organizational change, a three-day / two-night package is the minimum we recommend. Yet for a meeting energizer, the length of an activity may be as short as ten minutes.

Money won’t buy you happiness yet it can turn a group of people into a high performance team

Even for companies without experience in team building, with a bit of research it’s not hard to find out the price for a professional team building event. And customization, this should go without saying, may cost some more. Set a budget between 10 and 30 USD per person for meeting energizer, between 60 and 100 USD for a 1/2 day motivational team building and between 3,000 to 6,000 Baht per person for a three day / two night customized team training course.

In business budget is often overrated. Yet for myself personally, purpose is more important than the budget. I often give generous discounts for teams with a great attitude, and I even provide free of charge team building activities for small enterprises, start-ups and NGOs with inspiring projects that genuinely lack budget for team building (with emphasis on genuinely if you know what I mean :).

An elephant at Lumpini Park

Beside team building, what services do you require for your business event? Is it full on destination management service, a simple BBQ on the beach with motivational drumming at the end of your team building day or special requests of any unique kind? We were recently asked to arrange elephants at Lumpini Park in Bangkok (which we later turned down due to infringements of animal rights). Yet for the right budget, (almost) anything can be arranged.

Destination management may include transportation arrangements (like flights, coaches or ferries), meals, conference room or event venue rentals, accommodation, photo and videographers and other special requests.



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