Team Building in Bangkok with Microsoft

Amazing Chase around Bangkok by Public Transportation

I recently organized a half-day team building Amazing Chase activity with Microsoft’s Cyber Crime Division. Delegates came from India, China, Singapore and Hong Kong for their annual meeting, conference and team building. The group stayed at Conrad Hotel in Bangkok for three days / 2 nights.

I met the delegates at Conrad Hotel on 31st March at 2.30 p.m. and the participants were split into two teams.

Team B was accompanied by Pang, our long time facilitator, while I was leading team B.

Picture Challenge

Each team was handed out a map and nine pictures of Bangkok tourist attractions and other culturally important sights.

  1. Giant Swing
  2. Dusit Zoo
  3. Victory monument
  4. Chulalongkorn University
  5. Wat Trai Mit
  6. Queen Sirikit National Convention Hall
  7. King Taksin Monument
  8. Grand Palace
  9. Baiyoke Sky Building

Teams were asked to match the pictures withthe right location on the map, leaving one remaining gap for the the tenth and last picture to be completed along the journey.

Muay Thai challenge

First destination was Fighting Spirit Gym on Silom Road, an authentic Thai Muay Thai Boxing stadium. After practicing a few kicks and punches, the delegates were asked to compete for the hardest kick. The two winners were asked to enter the ring and do a Wai Kru, a traditional Thai boxing dance to express gratitude to the teacher and to appease the spirits.

Team A was winning the cometition and got a 3-minute time bonus.

Team Building in Bangkok with Microsoft

The race continued to Sathorn Pier and upstream by public river boat to Paklong Talad Flower Market.

At the flower Market, with help of a picture, teams were asked to find one particular flower stall where the next challenge would be held:

Flower garland making challenge

Our local partner, K. Darin organized this activity with care and precision. Flower garland making is again voted as one of the most popular activities on that day.

The journey continued by Tuk-tuk to Hua Lampong Railway station, where the next challenge was to have the entire team sit into a tuk-tuk to take a group picture.

From Hua Lampong, the teams were given MRT tokens to travel to Silom and then to Lumpini Park where the next challenge awaited the teams:

Som Tum making challenge

Som tum is a traditional North-eastern papaya salad consisting of raw (unripe) papaya, long beans, tomatoes, chili, fish sauce, peanuts and sugar.

To start with, the  Som Tum demonstrated how to cook the dish, while the delegates were carefully studying the art of making Som Tum.

Only the team who cooked the Sum Tum to the chef’s satisfaction was allowed to continue the race. The team who failed on this challenge was asked to keep on practicing.

Team Building in Bangkok with Microsoft Team Building in Bangkok with Microsoft 16376691213 Team Building in Thailand with Microsoft

Pedalo challenge.

The race gained momentum at the pedalo station, located on one of the most scenic places in Bangkok. Only one pair of the team was asked to rent a o Swan pedalo to paddle on the lake to find the last remaining picture. Once the picture was located, it was handed over to the team mates who remained on shore to complete the map. Only once the map was completed, was the race about the continue.

The last challenges and the winning team

Teams continued on foot to the Chinese Pavilion where the final two questions must be answered. From here, it was a short 10-minute walk back to the hotel.

Team A arrived in the lobby of Conrad Hotel shortly before team B and therefore was the winning team of this team building Amazing Chase around Bangkok event.

Memorable gifts were handed out to each delegates and in order to wrap up the event,  a short debrief was done in the hotel lobby.

Team Building in Bangkok with Microsoft


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