Team Building in Siem Reap

CSR Team Building events in Cambodia

Drive a mobile library and Giant Mapping Project

During my visit to Siem Reap, I had the pleasure to meet John Hayward a retired Canadian citizen who has left home (with his wife) to volunteer at Build your Future today Center, a Cambodian NGO founded by Mr. Sedtha Long.

Build Your Future Today Center (BFT Center), located in the heart of Siem Reap (just around the corner from Hotel Heritage)is a NGO affiliated by the Ministry of the interior and local authorities of Cambodia. BFT Center’s vision is to provide Cambodian people with the right intellectual and economic tools to be self sufficient.

csr team building event in siem reap_2 CSR Team Building in Siem Reap1BFT volunteers renovate houses, schools and community centers to provide rural population with better living conditions, dig wells to provide clean water year round and improve roads for easier access to the towns.

One of their main tasks is educating the village children in Khmer and foreign languages, hygiene and health care.

The center employs 26 volunteers incl. teachers, accountants and nurses.

John was so kind to show me around the center and brainstormed potential CSR team building projects.

Among some well-known CSR projects like teaching English, painting schools and preparing gardens, one of the best ideas we came up with was Driving the mobile library.

The mobile library is a reconverted van that consists of 255 types of books and children’s toys. It has a yearly operating cost of USD 8500 which includes gasoline, maintenance, cleaning, restocking books and payroll for the driver.

The mobile library is currently not operating due to lack of funding, yet it could be put in operation with the help of a team building event.

csr team building event in siem reap csr team building event in siem reap_1

What I did not know is that maps of some areas of Cambodia do not exist (google wasn’t there yet) and finding certain villages might be tricky.

So another great team building activity is making a map of local villages, that would include coordinates of roads, houses and pictures of the villages.

Making that map would be a joint project of several villages, it could by giant size (2 x 3 m) or even bigger, could be painted on canvas, decorated with pictures and hang up on a billboard in the middle of the town.

That map can later be used for geography lessons, it helps the locals navigate from one town to the other and it would be a great tourist attractions (I could imagine tourists to flock there to see the map).

If you have further ideas of great CSR team building activities, please comment on my blog.


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