Team Building in Bangkok on Koh Kret

Team Building inspection report

My family and I went for a Sunday trip on Koh Kret last week end. Having lived for more than two years in Bangkok, we have heard a lot about Koh Kret from friends, yet we have never had a chance to actually travel there. So this was a great opportunity to combine business with leisure; to explore some unspoiled new locations for our upcoming team building event.

Koh Kret, located in Nonthaburi Province, is a car free island on the Chao Phraya river about 20 km north of downtown Bangkok. It was mid of March, and we left a bit too late in the morning, so the temperatures were expected to be scorching hot.

With the bicycle on the back of the truck, we drove there in about an hour from Summakorn, going up to the express way and off at Ram Inthra. Following Ram Inthra until we reached () temple. Parking was in the temple compound less than five-minutes walk to the ferry pier. The ferry across the river was 2 Baht per person and took about 3 minutes.

team building in bangkok on koh kret team building in bangkok on koh kret_9

Arriving on Koh Kred, we rented another bicycle for 40 Baht and explored the island. We were mesmerized about the friendly locals, the unspoiled nature and the bustling market. The market, in fact, one of the loveliest (as well as the longest I’ve ever seen), resembling Chatuchak in size and in variety, and aligned along one narrow waking trail.

It was convenient to drive through the market by bicycle yet caution was exercised, due to the many pedestrians who also flock to the market on week-ends.

team building in bangkok on koh kret_7 team building in bangkok on koh kret_6

team building in bangkok on koh kret_5  team building in bangkok on koh kret

The market consists of myriads of small with smiley vendors displaying carefully crafted souvenirs. From clay pottery to recycled handicrafts over aromatic food stalls to traditional Thai coffee shops, there is something for every taste.

We continued our journey along the narrow street and left the hustle and bustle behind. Shortly after, the atmosphere changes. Palm trees replaced food stalls and banana plantations on each side of the road. It was a marvelous ride to the countryside. We stopped at a small guest house that offered home stay at 700 Baht a night.

team building in bangkok on koh kret_2 team building in bangkok on koh kret_3team building in bangkok on koh kret_8

We continued our journey to a lovely restaurant and ordered Pat Thai for lunch. The atmosphere was homey with a courteous host. Further around the island we stopped at a lovely flower garden with free entrance. There are empty handicraft stalls perfect for our team building events.

The entire ride around Koh Kret by bicycle takes about an hour yet there are so many interesting stops along the way to fill an entire day. After 1 p.m., however, the heat started to be unbearable for our two small children so we decided to skip the multitude of temples (unfortunately) and headed home.


Koh Kret is the perfect team building destination for a low carbon event. It’s lovely people, bustling markets, and mystic temples makes it an unforgettable team building experience.

Recommended programme:

  • Stay at one of the infamous Bangkok riverside hotels (Hilton, Shangri-La, Peninsula, Anantara Riverside or Oriental) for your conference.
  • Depart upstream by chartered boat early morning.
  • Arrive at Koh Kret, saddle the bicycles.
  • Split delegates into teams and briefing.
  • Market barter.
  • Cultural Discovery including pottery, handicrafts, etc.
  • Lunch at a local riverside restaurant.
  • Return to hotel by chartered boat.

team building in bangkok on koh kret_4


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