Team Building in Hong Kong – An inspection report

Team Building in Hong Kong – An inspection report

Day one, 5 March 2015

On and I arrived in Hong Kong on 5th March 2015 by Air Asia flight FD504. It was our first trip to Hong Kong and once again combined leisure with business. We were picked up from the airport by Teddy the manager of Bangkok airways Hong Kong and a good friend of ours. We took the airport express train to Kawloon station, then changed to the subway to Hung Hom. From Hung Hom we took the taxi to Harbor View Horizon apartment.

Hong Kong

The appartment was small but well furnished, with a tiny kitchenette, a lovely communal area and two bedrooms. The first night we went to a local Chinese restaurant for a typical Hong Kong dinner. The noodle soup with beef was an absolute delight.

Hong Kong’s roads are scattered with small charming restaurants and shops. We proceeded to Zengh, a dessert speciality restaurant serving special kinds of ice cream. We waited 5 minutes until a table was available. The ice cream was delicious.

On the way back it was 16 degrees cool and rainy. The cool was a pleasant change from the hot and humid Thai climate.

Day two, 6th March 2015.
We got up at 7 a.m. and after a quick breakfast, we walked to Hung Hom subway station. From there we took the train to Admiralty and interchanged to the blue line and proceeded to North Point station.

The first meeting was at CI Events on King’s Road. We had a fruitful meeting with Jessica Lloyd, Fanny Au and Joanne Knight, and we discussed a proposal for team buildng in Phuket. Fight center was planning their annual team building event in Thailand and considering Paintball or Island Survivor.

After the meeting, we met Teddy at Admiralty station and he accompanied us to Nan Lian Garden. Nan Lian Garden is a public park governed by the Pleasure Grounds Regulation and adminstreded by the Director of Leisure and Cultual Services.

Nan Lian Garden

The garden is absolutely stunning. It containing myriads perfectly-crafted bonsai trees. In the center there is a picturesque Taoist temple and a rock museum. Nan Lian Garden, located at Diamond Hill station, is one of the stops on our Hong Kong cultural discovery team building event described further below.Unortunately information about the park and the temple in English was sparse.

Nan Lian Garden

After a short stroll through the garden we proceeded for lunch at Diamond Hill shopping plaza.

At three o’clock, we met Ivan C B Li, our layer from Edwin Cheung & Siu, to enquire about legal requirements to open a company in Hong Kong. Ivan was an overly courteous and knowledgeable lawyer and we discussed all sorts of legal issues. After the meeting, we headed straight back to the apartment for the rest of the afternoon at leisure.

Day three, 7th March 2015
The sky was still clowdy when we took a taxi to the Star ferry pier. The ferries that connect Tsim Tsa Tjui and Victoria Harbour are convenient and run every 10-15 minutes.

I met Stewart from at in IFC shopping mall. We discussed team building colaboration between our two companies.

We continued the journey by bus to Repulse Bay, a lovely beach approx 30-minutes ride from downtown Hong Kong. In 1841, this bay was home to pirates who jeopardized trading between Chinese and foreign merchants. Located at the far end of the beach, we visited Tsin Shui Temple with a giant yellow dragon on it’s doorsteps. According to a saga, a wish would become reality if throwing a coin into the dragon’s mouth. So we practiced and et voila, the second attempt the coin was swallowed up by the dragon’s giant mouth. Our wish has already become true.

Repulse BayRepulse Bay

We continued the journey to Standley beach, the cote d’azure of Hong Kong. We had lunch in one of the lovely seaside pizzerias. After a stoll along the local market we returned by bus and Ferry to our appartment for a rest in the afternoon.

In the evening we took a stroll around Victoria Harbour promenade and watched the Synphony of the lights. The promenade was full of residents and tourists alike. Lasers were shot from skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island into the sky accompanied by some Chinese music. We proceeded for dinner in Tsim Tsa Tjui and strolled around for a while with shopping.

Day 4 – 8th May

We woke up late and Teddy invited us to have a Dim Sum lunch at Crystl Harbour Restaurant. Located on the top floor of the building, the restaurant was packed with locals so we had to wait about 15 minutes for a table.Teddy ordered about 10 different kinds of Dim Sum. It was overly delishious, probably the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.

Crystal Hill Restaurant

We proceeded by subway to Lantao Island and to Ngong Ping that can be reached by cable car. Mass of locas and tourists alike were waiting for a seat in the cable car.The one-way ticket for the cabl e car was 115 Hong Kong Dollar per person. The view from the gondolas over the airport and surrounding islands was spectacular.

There is a nature trail leading up the hills through unchartered territories with magnificent nature and wildlife. Absolutely perfect for team building enthusiasts.

Ngong Ping

Nong Ping

The hill station consists of a Buddhist Monastery, a Big Buddha and alovely shopping arcade. The sights were all culturally intreaguing, and absolutely perfect for an Amazing Chase.

After a stroll around we decided to take the bus back to the bottom of the hill. There was a long queue of sundayneers waiting at the bus stop, so it took approx 30 minutes to catch a bus.

The 30-minute bus ride along the winding road was enjoyable and we reached the subway station before sunset. We stopped by at the citygate outlets and pruchased food for dinner.

It was the last night in Hong Kong and we decided to cook Spaghetti Carbonara for Teddy. So we enjoyed the subway trip back to Hung Hom and reached the appartment by 8 p.m. The Carbonara was absolutely delishious and we enjoyed the rest of the evenning eating, drinking, talking and watching TV.

Day 5 – 9th May

We left Horizon View Appartment at about 8 a.m. in order to catch the 10.45 a.m. Air Asia flight to Bangkok.

We had an enjoyable time in Hong Kong and departed with about 30 minutes delay on flight FD509.

Nong Ping


Hong Kong is one of the leading MICE and team building destinations in Asia.

With a large variet of convention hotels, interesting cultural sights, fast and convenient public transportation systems we can recommend Hong Kong to any groups for a business outing or team building.

The of the biggest advantages of organizing your upcoming convention, business meeting or team building in Hong Kong is the fast and efficient transportation system as well as it’s well protected and unspoiled nature. Unlike other megacities in Asia, it’s actually predictable to get from one side of the city to another. And within a 30-minutes ride from downtown Hong Kong you will find yourself in a different world. Forested hills instead of high rise buildings and cows grazing on the fields.

Whether it’s an amazing chase (amazing race), a cultural discovery, an indoor team building or event an adventure hike up to Ngong Ping, there are dozens of programs for any kind of expectation.

Sample team building programme – Hong Kong Cultural Discovery by public transportation

13:00 – Gather in meeting room and event briefing
13:30 – Depart hotel
14:00 – Stop at Nan Lian Garden
14:30 – Stop Victoria Harbour Promenade
15:00 – Cross the bay by Ferry to Central
15:30 – Up to Victoria Hills
16:30 – Return to Hotel
17:00 – Debriefing
17:30 – End of Event

Hong Kong Skyline


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