Consumer behavior and habit change

Would corporate clients book team building activities or events on a global booking platform?

One of the very few products that nowadays aren’t purchased online are events and corporate training courses. I’ve always wondered why? Is it because the customization is to complex or is it a simple B2B habit that could change in the future?

Imagine the amount of time spent for both clients and the team building provider from the first enquiry to the actual event.

The entire selection process takes weeks or even months to complete. First, you outlines objectives, desired destinations or location and decide upon a budget.

Then you search on the internet for team building providers, approach a few team building companies by email
and ask for a quote. Then you invite one or two companies to present their services. Then you realize that your objectives are not realistic and that they had to be reworked. You perhaps revise the budget again.

A second quote is often given by the team building company after the sales visit and sometimes a second person to person
meeting is required. All that before signing a contract and paying a deposit.

Now imagine, the you decide to change the destination and (all to often) the entire process starts from scratch again.
(because very few team building companies work beyond provinces or even coutries).

Now imagine that the said process could be shortened to a few hours. Imagine a smart customized online system that would spit out all team building events, activities or providers in a split second.

Imagine, entering your objectives, desired budget, time, destination, location and the system will automatically reveal all relevant options for you. The system might be smart enought to ask you if you wanted a gift for the winning team, a polo shirt with your logo, a BBQ at the beach around a bonfire with african drumming at the end of the activity.

Imagine, you also were provided with a rating system that you could trust. Perhaps before deciding to buy the desired serviced you would check how often that particular event was sold and be relieved to see that ten other companies have bought the product before you.

Will you enter the credit card details and complete the transaction or would you go for the better known way (or perhaps less risky way) of callling up your team building compay for a meeting?

And if you were the first person to buy that particular even online how would you feel? Would you feel at ease?

If such a system existed, will habits of corporate consumers shift and team building events and activities were purchased online?

We look forward to your valuable comments.


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