Team Building in the Philippines – The five dysfunctions of a team


Based on “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, a bestselling book from New York Wall Street, this team building seminar explores the major causes of organizational politics and team failure. From the executive suite to the factory floor, the Dysfunctions concept has become the standard for eliminating the natural human tendencies which hinder teamwork and create costly, organizational politics.

Five dysfunctions Philippines3


  1. Understanding yourself and your team mates.
  2. Improve communication and team buy-in
  3. Make better decisions and accomplish more as a team
  4. Become comfortable asking your colleagues for help
  5. Offer support to team members
  6. Cooperate and tap into one another’s skills
  7. Put most important topics on the table and have lively and constructive meetings
  8. Align the team around common goals
  9. Keep star employees
  10. Understand and clarify team goals

Five dysfunctions Philippines5

The five dysfunctions seminar is best conducted in the conference room or use of conference room with adjacent outdoor garden. The work shop consists of a questionnaire, analysis & theory, presentations, practical activities and team building exercises. Each dysfunction is introduced by a graph outlining team functionality, followed by theory and practice.

Trust fall (30 min)
Trust fall is a powerful exercise about human vulnerability. In this catch and fall activity, a chemical (oxytocin) in your blood is re-leased that creates a natural bonding feel-good effect to enhance trust and confidence.

Five dysfunctions Philippines1

Eye Contact (20 min)
Not everybody is comfortable with eye contact because it requires a certain amount of trust and respect. This exercise, simple, yet with a powerful message, can help delegates become more comfortable and trusting of each other through the practicing of eye contact.

Personal histories exercise (45 minutes)
This exercise is designed to become more comfortable with vulnerability within the team. Delegates reveal a short personal story about a difficult aspect of their lives to their colleagues. Trust is built by revealing vulnerability and humility.

Five dysfunctions Philippines6

Personal statement exercise (30 minutes)
This activity requires a little preparation. Before the training, delegates write one unique statement about themselves that they have not reviled to anybody yet. This can be an aspect of their live, funny, serious or embarrassing. In this funny and trust-enhancing activity, delegates must match the statement to the person.

Guess your colleagues quiz (30 minutes)
Guess your colleagues is a fun, yet mind-boggling activity to generate a deep understanding about the nature of your co-workers. Delegates are often amazed how little they know about their colleagues personal lives. This exercise creates the basic understanding and the foundation of team work.

Conflict case study (3 hours)
Delegates are presented with controversial topic that has not yet been resolved. In this activity, team members challenge each other and engage in stimulating enthusiastic debate about ideas, push each other to the limits and make the best decisions for the good of the team. The objective is to become comfortable with heated debate and to fully participate and engage into the discussion. Only then can members buy into the decision and carry it out wholeheartedly.

Thematic goals exercise (3 hour)
The thematic goal exercise consist of a quiz around the company’s goals and objectives, a VDO as well as team discussion. The objective is to align the team around a common goal.

Five dysfunctions Philippines4

Team effectiveness exercise (2 hours)
In the Tem effectiveness exercise delegates give each other feed-back. Delegates reflect upon themselves and come up with a unique behavioral characteristic that contributes to the success of the team (positive) and one behavioral trait that could potentially wreck the team (critical). Starting from the most senior, delegates present feed-back to each member of their team. Each person must reflects upon the feed-back given and commit openly and honestly to work on improving them for the good of the team.

Moon Ball (30 minutes)
The objective is to pass a large inflatable ball from one person to another keeping it in the air the longest. This simple yet powerful exercise is used to illustrate benchmarks and who they can be achieved through team work.

Five dysfunctions Philippines

Balloon Balance (1 hour)
This game is designed to illustrate that something that seems impossible or very hard to be achieved can actually be done, and to introduce the concept of supporting members in the team. The task is to support team mates in the air using only balloons.

Giant Pyramid
This puzzle solving exercise embodies the five dysfunctions in theory and practice. Combining large square shaped blocks, the team must complete the giant pyramid in the fastest possible time. Team behavior is analyzed and feed-back is given afterwards.

More information

Starting with a fully day work shop this team building exercise can be expanded to a three-day / two nights executive outing.


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