Team Building in The Philippines – Casino Royale

Casino Royale is the perfect active evening entertainment option for your team building event in the Philippines. Ideally scheduled around dinner, Casino Royal can be set up in the local conference room, hotel garden or even public park. This fast paced team building activity includes cocktail making, gambling a is wrapped up with a giant lucky draw.

•Active evening entertainment with a limited amount of time and budget
•Team bonding and having a good time
•Learn to make cocktails and be coached by bar professionals.
•Play casino and gamble in a social context.
•Get to know your colleagues outside the work environment



•Group size: up to 120
•Duration: Half day ideal in the evening
•Recommended for: Small to medium sized groups
•Teams: 5-10 per team
•Length: 2-3 hours

“Casino Royale” is vaguely based on the world famous James Bond movie with the same name. Teams go through a series of fun and exciting activities starting before dinner with a Signature Cocktail Making competition. With limited amount of the finest liquors, teams must show their creative skills to mix and shake their favorite drinks. After dinner, teams use tokens to be spent on a series of exhilarating casino games. Activities include strategy, luck, bluffing, dexterity and marksmanship. Teams gamble in a social context always hoping to hit the ultimate jack pot.



This team building activity can be arranged anywhere in the Philippines, be in in a conference room, hotel garden, on the beach or even in public parks.

Deciding the activities
Groups may select the activities they wish from the extensive list on the following pages, focusing on the following objectives:
•Cocktail Making competition
•Win or Lose
•Hula Hoop Rodeo
•Don’t blow the joker
•Thai Roulette
•Hula Hoop Rodeo
•Blindfolded waiter

Making the teams
Teams are either formed by the event organiser or by mixing up the participants to provide a mix of age, sex and role.



A short briefing will be given before the activity outlining the rules and instructions of the activities.

Lucky draw
Tokens are carried forward for each activity and counted up at the end of the eventing. Teams can exchange their tokens with gifts, beautifully wrapped and displayed with a price tag on a decorative table.


Participants are split into teams and assigned to a work station. The work station displays all ingredients and utensils for cocktail making such as quality liquor, fresh fruit juices, mixers, shakers, stirrers and decorative items. Teams then experiment with the given ingredients for the best recipe signature cocktail. The cocktail is presented to a panel of judges who shall give feed-back based on the following criterion: Presentation, terminology, taste and design / garnish. This usually results in great laughter and sometimes hefty yet always humorous debates.



WIN OR LOOSE: (10 to 20 minutes)

Delegates gather around a play station and play against the bank.After a discussion, team must first bet their tokens and then roll two giant hand-drawn dice that predict the outcome win or lose. Some tokens end up in the centre of the table for the final draw. If the dice are thrown on “Win” side, teams shall collect all tokens from the bank and continue cheerfully to the next station.

DON’T BLOW THE JOKER: (10 to 20 minutes)

Teams stand in front of set of playing cards stacked up on a bottle neck. One by one, teams must blow the cards off the bottle with the joker remaining on the bottle neck. Should the joker fall, the game starts again from scratch until the time is up. The team succeeding with the challenge shall receive 20 bonus tokens and carry on to the next station.

POP THE BALLOONS: (10 to 20 minutes)

Lined up behind a table, delegates must take turns to throw darts to pop balloons stacked up on a shelf. Popping all balloons within the given time frame results in winning extra tokens to be carried on to the next game.



BLINDFOLDED WAITER: (10 to 20 minutes)
OBJECTIVES: Communication, co-operation, dexterity

Teams must choose one delegate to be the waiter, one to be the runner and the rest are guests.The waiter is blindfolded carrying a tray with a white wine glass. The runner’s task is to lead the waiter through the course. The blindfolded waiter first walks up to the bar, fills its glass up with white wine up to the rim, and carries it back to the rest of the team who pretend to be guests. With the help of the blindfolded waiter, the guests must drink the wine without touching the glass, which may results in spilling and great laughter. Spilling the wine results in losing tokens while emptying the entire bottle results in bonus tokens for the team to be carried on.


The game is played on a adapted poker play filed, with odds, evens, double streets and single streets. Teams then roll a giant dice and depending on the draw and their bet on the table, shall win or lose tokens. During the game, teams must figure out which of the fields are the best options, hence resulting in a higher chance of winning. Solving this mathematical formula is the key of moving on to the next station, with pockets (or bags) full of tokens and a good mood.



HULA HOOP RODEO: (10 – 20 minutes)

In Hula Hoop Rodeo, delegates must be separated into Cowboys and Bulls. The Bulls must stand in designated circles and the cowboys must throw hoops to catch the bulls. Depending on the bull’s location, a certain amount of tokens is rewarded for catching the bull.


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