Team Building in Thailand with M-Technology

Making Teams organized a 1/2-day team building activity Top Chef in Bangkok for 40 corporate delegates from M-Technology Thailand at four Points by Sheraton in January 2014.

The team building activities took place in Thailand’s capital city Bangkok and at Four Points by Sheraton, one of Bangkok’s newest five-star luxury hotel. The venue was at the outdoor patio with adjacent conference room overlooking Bangkok’s spectacular skyline.

To create enhancing, fun and enjoyable team building event for MTECHNOLOGY, Thailand’s leader in IT and Support.

Activities / games
The activities started by putting the delegates into teams. Chef hats with different colors were handed out followed by demonstration by the executive chef of how to cook Som Tum, a Thai Papaya Salad. Delegates observed carefully then practiced in teams.

Once the dishes were cooked, they were placed up on a table and numbered by teams. The judging was done by Making Teams in co-operation with Four Points by Sheraton. One by one, the chef tasted each of the dishes and judged them by “Excellent”, “Good” or “Needs improvement”. This feed-back was received with great laughter and debate among the team building delegates.

The event went on in the same method with two more dishes, Green Curry & Tom Yum Goong. In total three dishes were cooked and judged.

Before the end of the event, the teams challenge was to prepare their own dinner table with a short introduction by Four Point’s Executive Waiter of how to fold napkins and how to set a formal dinner table. Delegates practiced napkin folding and received points for the “most elegant’ table.

The team building event “Top Chef” ended with M-Technology delegate enjoying their self-cooked meal and with annoncing the winning team. Colorful gifts were prepared and handed out by Making Teams.

 Company / people
MTECH is a leading IT Software and Services provider with offices in both
Thailand and Myanmar. It specializes in the sale and support of high-end,
best in class design software and provides a range of professional services
focused on the industries of Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

14:00 Start of team building activities
14:15 Briefing and demonstration by executive chef – Dish 1
14:30 Self cooking dish 1
15:00 Tasting & Judging
15:15 Demonstration by executive chef – Dish 2
15:30 Self cooking dish 2
16:00 Tasting & Judging
16:15 Demonstration by executive chef – Dish 3
17:00 Tasting & Judging
17:15 Napkin Folding and dinner table set up
17:45 Dinner & announce winning team
18:00 Hand out gifts & end of team building activities


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