Team Building in Thailand with DBS

Making Teams organized a 1/2 day team building activity “Indoor with fun’ for 18 top executives from DBS on 4th October 2014. The top executives travelled to Thailand for an incentive trip that included team building, shopping and leisure.

The team building activity took place in the ballroom of Grand Hyatt Erawan, one Bangkok’s leading luxury hotel.

To create a fun and inspiring team building event for top executives at DBS. The objective was outside the box thinking, win-win and creating team spirit and team bonding.

Team Building Activities / games
The day started with line me up ice breaker activity. This light and fun activity enhanced non-verbal communication and the objective was get to know each other in the team.

By playing Frenzy, the first Win-Win activity, delegates were put into a lose-lose situation as long as they were competing against each other. Only by changing the strategy from competition to collaboration could they reach the objective and end up with a win-win situation.

It was also picked up for further debate by the top CEO of the bank to talk about Win-Win scenarios with their partners.

The third team building activity of the day was Don’t touch me. Only using a hoop, the objective was to change places with their partner in the fastest possible way. This activity enhanced outside the box thinking and target setting.

Only by setting the targets ambitiously high, teams shifted their approach and begun to look for outside the box solutions.

 In the debriefing of this simple yet powerful team building activity, the facilitator illustrated how neurons forms networks and why the brain constantly uses obsolete patterns of thinking.

Only by practicing outside the box thinking can the brain build new thought patterns and finally come to unique and creative solutions.

The next activity was T-shirt painting, a creative and fun way for DBS to get closer to their team mates. Teams were split into two groups and each group came up with an inter-connected painting displaying the company’s slogan. Only when all t-shirts were put together did the final piece of art emerge.

After the coffee break, the programme continued with Change Wave, a fun and inspiring team building activity. The objective was to achieve change through team work and collaboration. In order to make change happen, teams were asked to both physically and mentally come close to each other.

This was probably the most fun of all activities on the day, and delegates answered with emotional laughter.

The last activity of the day was Transporters. In this competitive team building activity, teams were asked to transport tennis balls from one bucket to another only using limited amounts of material.

The winning team was handed out a small gift and was received with cheers.

The team building event with DBS ended on a very positive note and a compliment to Making Teams for the excellent organization of this event.

09:00 Line me up – Ice Breaker activity
09:15 Frenzy – Win Win activity
09:45 Don’t touch me – Outside the box thinking
10:15 T-shirt painting – Create vision and mission as a piece of art
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Change waive – Creating an environment of trust
11:45 Transporters – Competitive activity
12:00 Announce the winning team and hand out gifts


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