Team Building in Thailand with Atlas Copco


Team Building in Hua Hin - Balloon Balance Team building in Hua Hin - Camp Building Team Building in Hua Hin - Raft Building Team building in Hua Hin

Making Teams organized a 3 day team building event in Hua Hin in January 2014 for 60 delegates from Atlas Copco Thailand and South-East Asia. The three-day event included a half day hotel survivor, a 3-hour evening “Casino Royale” and three warm-up ice breaker activities.

The three day program took place in Hua Hin in Central Thailand, approx. 220 km south of Thailnad’s capital city Bangkok. The group stayed in the Amari Hotel conveniently situated in Hua Hin city. The hotel consists of a large garden ideal for team building events and superb meeting and conference facilities. Making Teams was allowed to use their pool for the raft competition.

The objective for this tailored team building event was to create a unique bonding experience and to engage and motivate team delegates from different countries to work together.

Team Building Activities / games
Event day one
The group travelled from Bangkok by VIP coach to Hua Hin with a stop-over lunch at Supatra Restaurant. Over lunch, the teams were announced and T-shirts handed out.

The moment the delegates arrived at Amari Hua Hin, they were welcomed in the lobby by Making Teams head facilitator Mr. Martin Lavis. After a short briefing, the teams headed outdoor to the garden to start the exciting “Hotel Survivor” event.

The first part was a round robin, two teams each competed in the activities “Catapult”, “Transporters” and “Giant Puzzle” followed by a water balloon volley ball competition. The last and most memorable activity of the day was raft building. Teams constructed semi-attached rafts and tested them in the swimming pool before racing against each other for the title of Hotel Survivor 2014. Welcome cocktails and ice cold beer was served on the lawn before heading up to their room.

Event day two
Day two started up with a team building ice-breaker and warm-up activity “balloon keep up”. Objective was to have as many people in their team to stay above ground using 20 balloons only. Like a chain effect, the first team got 4 people up, the second topped the first, and so on until the last team had all their team members on the balloons. In the debriefing, delegates were reminded that setting sky-high objectives is crucial to achieving high results. This activity depicted that through team work, strong believe and setting the right target anything is possible to achieve.

 After “Balloon Keep Up”, team building exercise delegates headed for the first session of their annual conference.

 After lunch, and before attending the afternoon meeting sessions, delegates played balloon keep up, a simple yet powerful team building activity to enhance target setting, co-ordination and team bonding.

 The evening started with a “Casino Royale” cocktail making competition. Teams were given a selection of the finest spirits, as well as bar-tending equipment and garnish. Objective was to create a signature cocktail and mocktail (alcohol free). The cocktails were judged by hotel F&B professional as well as a volunteer from Atlas Copco. Joy was expressed through laughter and cheering.

After the dinner, team were given artificial money to play six different activities in a 10-minute rotation. Blow the joker, Pop the balloons, Hula Hoop Rodeo, Blindfolded waiter and Throw the Hoop. Teams were winning or losing tokens as they went through the activities.

Different gifts at different prices , all beautifully wrapped were lined up on a table for the team with the highest score to choose first. Interestingly, the most expensive gift, a 1-liter-bottle of Black Label was taken last.

 Event day three

Day three started with a warm-up activity “Minefield”. The first team to cross the maze with all team members wins the game. The difficulty was to find which squares were mines and on which they could step on. This activity was ideal to pinpoint different personality types in a team and how to accommodate them best when creating a high performing team.

 After a half day meeting, and before heading home to Bangkok, delegates were picked up by a coach and chauffeured to Le Mer Restaurant for a delicious seafood lunch.

Atlas Copco group arrived their headquarter in Bangkok in the late afternoon after an inspiring, fun and memorable team building holiday and company conference.

Day one
07:30 Pick up by VIP coach
10:30 Arrive at Cha Am – split into teams
11:30 Lunch Supatra Restaurant
13:00 Arrive at Amari Hua Hin
13:30 Team Building Activities
18:30 End of Team Building Activities & check in
19:30 Dinner in the hotel

Day two
08:30 Team building activity – ice breaker & warm up
09:30 Meeting
12:00 Lunch in the hotel
13:00 Team building activity – ice breaker & warm up
14:00 Meeting
17:30 Team Building Activity with cocktails
19:00 Dinner in the hotel
20:00 Team Building Activities

Day three
08:30 Team building activity – ice breaker & warm up
09:30 Meeting
12:00 Check out
13:00 Lunch Le Mer Restaurant
14:00 Return transportation by VIP coach to Bangkok
17:00 Arrive in Bangkok Atlas Copco Headquarter.

Company / people
The seminar was organized by Calum Urquhart, the regional director of Atlas Copco South-East Asia with regional head office in Thailand. The majority of the group were Thais, the other delegates traveled from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Europe to join the event. This was the first company event of this kind with team building as a highlight.

“The best team building event Atlas Copco has ever had.”
“This event will set the benchmark for future events and it will be a challenge to beat.”
Calum Urquhart – Group General Manager


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