Team Building in Bangkok with Socomec


Making Teams organized 1/2-day team building activities which included an Amazing Chase in Bangkok for 27 corporate delegates from Socomec’s Chinese and French regional offices.


The half day team building activity took place in Thailand’s capital city Bangkok and included Riverside, China Town and Lumpini Park.


The objective was to create an inspiring, fun and enjoyable corporate team building event for Socomec during their conferences in Bangkok.

Activities / games

The race started at the Lobby of Banyan Tree Hotel in South Sathorn Road and delegates were put into teams and selected a team leders. The team leaders were “Kerry”, Liben” and “Helen”. After that, teams immediately boarded a 35-seater luxury coach to take them to their first challenge.

In the coach, a thorough briefing was given by Making Teams facilitator Rolf Graf which included instructions and rules of the game.

The teams were dropped off at Fighting Spirit Gym instructed by Dan, the 7-foot-tall muscles machine Muay Thai teacher.

After a series of kicks and punches for practice, teams were lined up for the test. The team with the most powerful strikes would win the challenge and move on to the second round, the Wai Kru. In the Wai Kru dance, delegates learned how to do the infamous Thai boxing dance to honor their teachers, spirits and the King of Thailand.

The “Liben’s” team won the Muay Thai Challenge and received a 5-minute time bonus.

The race continued to Sathorn Pier, then by public ferry boat upstream to Memorial Bridge. Liben’s team, who left the Muay Thai gym first, was stuck in traffic while Kerry’s team chose to walk 500 meters until after the busy intersection and took a taxi from there to Sathorn Pier. This strategic move saved Kerry’s team 10 minutes and they arrived first at Sathorn pier.

Liben’s team tried to move ahead of Kerry’s by taking the faster but more expensive “range-flagged boat”, however, just found out too late that it wouldn’t stop at their next destination. This resulted in great laughter by the other teams who arrived ahead at Memorial Bridge.

The challenge at Pakon Talad’s Rama I Piazza, a beautiful square in the middle of the flower market, was to design flower garlands.

Tables were lined up and beautiful Thai flower merchants were teaching the delegates how to make flower garlands.

Kerry’s team again finished this challenge first and moved on by tuk-tuk through Bangkok’s china town. Fortunately their driver was well versed with the short cut’s through this part of the town. While the other team’s got stuck in traffic, Kerry’s team arrived at Hua Lampong 20 minutes ahead.

The challenge at Hua Lampong Railway station was to get all nine delegates into a tuk-tuk and take a picture. This resulted in great debate among the tuk-tuk drivers and was only accomplished after paying a hefty tip to the driver.

The teams went ahead by MRT to Lumpini park to find the swan pedalo boat station. Once arrived, a Socomec Questionnaire was handed out and the challenge was to return with all 10 answer cards that were hidden around the lake.

So delegates rented the pedalo and always two peple sharing one boat off-they went to find the answers to the quiz.

To their great amuzement, some teams were hiding answer cards from their competitor teams and this triggered heated debate whether the offending teams were to be disqualified.

Independent Making Teams judges decided not to disqualify any teams and therefore the winning team of 2014 Socomec Amazing Chase around Bangkok was Kerry’s team.

Company / people

Created in 1922, SOCOMEC is an industrial group with a workforce of 2,200 people. Industrial Group specializing in secure power supply, control and security of low voltage electrical energy, for the industrial and services sectors.

With a strong international presence, including bases in more than 70 countries, 18 of which are subsidiaries, the SOCOMEC group is a major player in the global low voltage power distribution market.


14:00 Depart Banyan Tree
14:15 Arrive at Fighting Spirit Gym – Muay Thai Competition
14:45 Depart Fighting Spirit Gym by taxi and river boat.
15:15 Arrive at Paklong Talad flower Market
15:20 Flower garland making competition
15:40 Depart Paklong Talad by Tuk-Tuk
16:00 Arrive at Hua Lampong Railway Station
16:05 Photo Competition
16:15 Depart Hua Lampong Railway Station
16:30 Arrive at Lumpini Park
16:40 Socomec Quiz
17:10 Depart Lumpini Park
17:30 Arrive at Banyan Tree


 “Most team had a good time which they take away the variety of activities, the possibility to do some sightseeing and participate in the local culture. Overall, the combination is good and the team is enriched and energised.”

Helen Too
Regional Business Development Manager ( Asia )


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